Our sister company - Cooper & Associates - is where we gained traction. We aim to build upon or 20+ years of recruiting by providing hiring managers with top quality candidates instantly and candidates with a faster, easier connection to companies.

UrbanEngineer is the first Recruiting as a Service platform. Our platform posts a job, sources from a proprietary database, sends an SMS message to candidates, sets up interviews, and payrolls contractors and full time employees. Our dashboards allow recruiters to manage jobs, search and text candidates, and view commission. It allows candidates to apply to jobs, respond to texts and interviews and to enter time. It allows hiring managers to post jobs, respond to candidate submissions and to link to us through Single Sign On for a full managed service experience and approve timesheets. UrbanEngineer disrupts old school recruiting.

UrbanEngineer is the premier engine powering the placement of technical contractors and full time employee labor force utilizing workforce as a service model.


To take recruiting out of the hands of multiple applications and put it in one place. Easy, sensible, useable.

Why choose us ?


UrbanEngineer is the fastest most efficient way to on-board contractors and full time employees. We offer our companies a user-friendly platform and a candidate turn around time of 72 hours or less.


Candidates won't have to worry about new ways to find contracts or full time work and companies have the peace of mind knowing they have a reliable and easy platform for their hiring needs.